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So many reasons to dive with us

First of all, we are awesome!

From the moment you arrive at Koh Tao Scuba Club you will be treated to a team of professionals that love to dive and excel at providing you with the best experience you could possibly gain whilst diving around Koh Tao. Sun Smile is the name of our boat and since we do not share her with anyone we get to choose the dive sites we wish to visit on a daily basis. We provide you with a diving experience which is as close to boutique as you could possibly get, without being boutique (at the end of the day, if we do everything for you, you will never learn the correct way to manage your own equipment).

Since Koh Tao is so small you will find us perfectly situated at the south end of Sairee Beach, therefore access to any location during your stay whether that is the heart of Sairee or Chalok is only a matter of a few minutes’ walk along the beach. We have a vast array of accommodation available within the Mae Haad area, which are ideally placed guaranteeing a peaceful night’s sleep away from the late night bars. All you need to bring is a smile and a sense of adventure. We look forward to greeting you at Koh Tao Scuba Club.

The Team


What is your scuba certification?

  • Padi Master Scuba Diver Trainer
  • SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor

How many dives have you done?

  • 3000+

What languages do you you speak?

  • Spanish, French and English

What’s your favorite marine animal?

  • Shark


What is your scuba certification?

  • SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor

How many dives have you done?

  • 400+

What languages do you you speak?

  • Dutch, German, Spanish and English

What’s your favorite marine animal?

  • Octopus


What is your scuba certification?

  • Padi Dive Master

How many dives have you done?

  • 200+

What languages do you you speak?

  • Hindi, Nepalese, Chinese, Thai, Burmese and English

What’s your favorite marine animal?

  • Whale

What can you expect from us?

How we turn you into a scuba diver

Frequently asked questions

I want to do my PADI; what is SSI, and what differences are there?

Many people wishing to dive have heard of PADI and assume that this is the qualification when indeed they are a qualifying agency. SSI are the same, a qualifying agency. The first level that all agencies begin with is the ‘Open Water’ qualification. The differences between agencies are very slim, with PADI you must achieve all skills in the water in a particular order before being able to move on to your next dive. With SSI they recognize the requirement of flexibility, this gives you and your Instructor the capability to be able to move on past a particular skill and return to complete it prior to the end of the course when your confidence in the water has increased.

Is SSI recognized all over the world?

Yes, unless you wish to dive in a puddle in freezing conditions in land locked Alberta, Canada. This is the only place worldwide that does not recognize any other Agency other than PADI. When you are a diver with any certifying agency you can dive at any of the dive centers around the globe (regardless of their registered agency) to your qualification level.

If I do my Open Water with SSI can I then do other courses with PADI?

Of course, all non-professional levels of divers can cross between the different agencies as they wish. This only differs when advancing into the professional levels of Dive Master and above.

Do I need specific insurance to dive?

Some travel insurance companies will cover diving, but to what level depends on the small print. It’s always good to be insured with any activity that involves adventure.

Do I need to have a medical before diving?

Take a look at our medical form. If you answer YES to any question then it will have to be signed by a Medical Practitioner prior to diving.

I have answered YES to a medical question, is there a doctor available on Koh Tao?

Yes there is, many of the doctors countersign for medical check ups prior to diving, albeit there are a few more serious conditions that they may not authorize. If you are unsure, get in touch with us at info@kohtaoscubaclub.com

What if I don’t complete my course?

For whatever your reasons may be you can call a halt to your training and depending on what stage of the course you are at we will reimburse you some of the money that you have paid, we can also write you a referral so you can complete your course elsewhere without having to redo what you have already accomplished

My friends don’t want to dive, what could they do?

Koh Tao is full of attractions from rock climbing, kayaking, snorkeling, boat trips, mini golf or just lazing around on the beaches. Check out our Koh Tao Tab.

Can I rent a scooter from you?

No, there are many scooter rental places around Koh Tao but usually you end up paying far more than what you expected. The roads aren’t fantastic and the accidents are frequent. Our advice is DO NOT rent a scooter, especially if you are diving because they leave terrible tread marks in the coral.