Kohtao Scuba Club | Scuba Diving Courses
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Our dive courses

Try Scuba Dive

A 1 day course designed for ages 10 and older to allow you to experience the wonderful aquatic world without a specific qualification, a maximum of 2 divers per group, maximum depth 12m


The Try Scuba Dive day comprises of an academic session with your Dive Guide to understand the equipment and how to use it, the basics behind correct buoyancy, breathe correctly & how to dive efficiently. Then you are sized up for the equipment you will use for the afternoons dives.


Following a short lunch break you board our boat and off you go to the first dive site. Your Dive Guide will set up all of your equipment whilst you relax on the sundeck and then call you down to get ready to take the plunge.


Dive 1 – Off the boat and away to the beach you go! Starting in chest high water your Dive Guide explains and demonstrates a few basic skills to enable you to dive safely then you have a go at them. Once confident you then go for a shallow dive to get use to your buoyancy (not floating up and not kicking the coral) so you can enjoy the underwater world leaving only bubbles behind.


Dive 2 – There are no skills to perform on this dive; we move dive sites so you can explore with more confidence and find as much cool stuff as you possibly can with your Dive Guide

  • THB2500.-
  • Try Scuba Dive
    • Minimum age: 10 Years. The course price includes all dives from the boat, instructor, rental equipment, fruit, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and water.
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Open Water

This is regarded as the first qualification to gain as a scuba diver. As an Open Water Diver you will be qualified to dive anywhere in the world to a maximum depth of 18m and the certification is for life. Open Water is where you truly learn the basics and build real confidence in the Oceans.


Day 1 – Starts at 5pm with orientation and paperwork followed by some of your training videos, the evening finishes no later than 730pm just in time for dinner at one of the many nearby restaurants.


Day 2 – A 9am start with your first academic session delivered by your instructor and the final videos, a short break for lunch and it’s time to jump into your confined skills session for the afternoon. This is where you will be introduced to all of the skills that are required to enter the open ocean safely, the day usually finishes around 430pm.


Day 3 – Again a 9am start for the final academic session and exam (do not worry about the exam, by this time you will be knowledgeable enough to pass it) following lunch it’s back onto the boat for dives 1&2 with a maximum depth of 12m at 2 different dive sites around Koh Tao.


Day 4 – Oh my god it’s early!!!!!! A 6.30am boat departure ensures we hit the dive sites before all the other dive schools. Morning dives are awesome, first in the water see the most fish. By now you will be proficient, confident and eager to see more aquatic life. The final 2 dives to a maximum of 18m see you completing your experience in time for lunch and a post dive snooze on the beach. We do offer the option of taking a videographer with you to record your dives, if you do choose this you won’t be unsatisfied as the videographer slaves away all afternoon to edit a wicked video for you to watch in the club in the evening with a celebratory beer.


What’s next I hear you ask???? Click on the Advanced Adventurer tab to find out more.

  • THB8000.-
  • Open Water
    • Minimum age: 10 Years. The course price includes all dives from the boat, instructor, rental equipment, fruit, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and water.
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Advanced Adventurer

This course really does open the world of diving up to you. As an Open Water diver you will be limited to daylight only diving and a maximum depth of 18m. AA takes you to the maximum recommended limits, therefore, wherever you travel, whatever the limits, you can dive!!

The course comprises of, wait for it, ready?…….NO EXAMS, NO VIDEOS, NO LECTURES! It’s all about the experience. It is 5 adventure dives over a period of 2 days, you get to choose which adventure dives you do, albeit to be an Adventure Diver you do need to do a deep dive 30m and a Navigation Dive.

Navigation is fun, you learn the basics of compass use and practice on land and underwater and then have a chance to try leading around the dive site. This dive tends to bring a lot of laughter with it, but you do get an appreciation on navigating a dive site.

The Deep dive is awesome, not only do you tend to see more fish but your instructor will go through the extra safety precautions with you so that you are aware what is required from yourselves and the professionals you dive with in the future. Don’t forget to look up when you are down deep, simply amazing!!

That leaves you with 3 more adventures, you can choose from Photography, Perfect Buoyancy, Night dive, Wreck dive, Underwater Basket Weaving, you have loads of choice but by far the most popular are Night, Wreck & Perfect Buoyancy.

How the heck does my instructor look so cool under water and make it look so simple? The answer is that they have full control of their buoyancy. Perfect Buoyancy is all about tuning those finite points to maximize your efficiency underwater therefore lengthening your dive time, and of course, looking cool at the same time.

Adventure Night is what it is, diving at night. Torch in hand you will enter the water as the sun melts into the sea so that you have full advantage of seeing all the fish coming back from the open ocean looking in the coral for a bed for the night. As the dive progresses and the light dims your eyes will adjust, you will find the nightlife is sensational, Blue Spotted Ribbon Tail Rays, Barracuda, maybe even a Turtle; and the ultimate in disco lights, the Bio-luminescent plankton. The Majority of our students absolutely love this experience and want to night dive again as soon as possible.

For the Adventure Wreck dive we visit the HTMS Sattakut which is just off the west coast of Koh Tao. She sits on the sand at 27-30m, she is 49m long & 7m wide, at the highest point it is 18m from the surface. The HTMS Sattakut was involved in WWII and quite frankly is fantastic!! Slightly ghostly at times it’s a sight never to be forgotten and a huge favorite of the Managers.

Highly addicted and want to progress more??? Check out your next level of training, 1St Aid & Rescue Diver.

  • THB7500.-
  • Advanced Adventurer
    • Minimum age: 12 Years. The course price includes all dives from the boat, instructor, rental equipment, fruit, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and water.
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1st Aid & CPR

This is a one day dry course which enables you to meet the requirements to start your training to become a Rescue Diver. The day comprises of videos, theoretical & practical training in all elements of 1st Aid and Cardi-Pulmonary Resuscitation. Combined with the Rescue Diver course these are understandably the most important aspects of dive training you will undertake. Due to the procedures being continually improved this certification will need to be renewed every 2 years.

  • THB3500.-
  • 1st Aid & CPR
    • Minimum age: 12 Years.
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Rescue Diver

Without a doubt the most important course of all. Now that you understand the first Aid procedures it’s time to learn how to use them in and out of the water. Rescue courses are conducted over a 2 or 3 days and under the vigilant eye of your Instructor you will gain the invaluable knowledge that may ultimately save a life one day. The course itself comprises of classroom theory, videos and in water practical skills. What do you do if you find an unconscious diver beneath the surface? How do you get someone back on land or on the boat unassisted? How do you do rescue breaths in the water? You will not only be able to answer these questions but confidently do what is needed should the need arise.

  • THB8600.-
  • Rescue Diver
    • Minimum age: 12 Years. The course price includes all dives from the boat, instructor, rental equipment, fruit, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and water.
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